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Bare Naked Big Knockers

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Meet the Big Knockers – your new go-to for chill vibes and ultimate comfort. These babies stand at a cool 1 1/4 inches, giving you just the right lift. The sole is like walking on clouds – super soft and totally dreamy.

Rocking the laid-back Bare Naked color, these Tiddies are all about that easy-breezy beach life. They're the kind of kicks that go with everything, from sandy shores to summer hangouts. The Bare Naked Big Knocker isn't just footwear; it's a vibe – simple, stylish, and ready for whatever.

Slide into the good times with the Bare Naked Big Knocker – where every step feels like a beach stroll, and every look is effortlessly cool. Beach bum approved and always down for some fun in the sun! 🌞🏖️

Getting The Right Fit

Your Tiddies should never be snug or tight. You can adjust your straps using hemostats, needle nose pliers or even tweezers. The trick is dipping them in rubbing alcohol first, this makes the surgical tubing slide. You can also use an automobile detailing product on your tubing to help give it longevity and create an amazing strap shine.

  • Making the Tiddies

    Our Tiddies are handcrafted in Texas with USA manufactured material. Our closed cell foam is the stuff of legendary softness, and our adjustable surgical tubing straps allow you find the perfect fit for you. This is a completely customizable shoe.