Welcome to Tiddies Shack

Home of the softest sandal made in the USA. Our Tiddies come in all shapes and sizes from the Big Knockers to petite Ta-Tas. We have something for you. Our closed cell foam and adjustable latex tubing allow for maximum comfort, you just found the shoe of your dreams.

  • The Big Knockers

    Our biggest set of Tiddies, measuring in at a whopping 1 1/4 inch of pure foam goodness.

    Gape At Our Knockers 
  • The Chi-Chis

    Our fanciest Tiddies, having the most unique designs, measuring 1 inch tall.

    Peek Our Chi-Chis 
  • The Three Layer

    Our take on the classic 1973 original design, good Tiddies never go out of style, measuring 1 full inch.

    View Our Classic Tiddies 
  • The Ta-Tas

    The Tiddies version of a flip flop, all of the benefits of softest foam while measuring 1/2 inch.

    Admire The Ta-Tas 
  • The Iddie Biddies

    A Tiddie for the Iddie Biddies, childs version of our beloved shoe.

    Tiddies For Iddies 

Traveling Tiddies

We are going on the road!! Bringing Tiddies to festivals and markets all over Texas. Click below to see our most up to date schedule.

Traveling Tiddies Schedule

Real Tiddies, Keep Looking We Don't Mind