Welcome to Tiddies Shack

Home of the softest sandal made in the USA. Our Tiddies come in all shapes and sizes from the Big Knockers to petite Ta-Tas. We have something for you. Our closed cell foam and adjustable latex tubing allow for maximum comfort, you just found the shoe of your dreams.

  • The Big Knockers

    Our biggest set of Tiddies, measuring in at a whopping 1 1/4 inch of pure foam goodness.

    Gape At Our Knockers 
  • The Chi-Chis

    Our fanciest Tiddies, having the most unique designs, measuring 1 inch tall.

    Peek Our Chi-Chis 
  • The Three Layer

    Our take on the classic 1973 original design, good Tiddies never go out of style, measuring 1 full inch.

    View Our Classic Tiddies 
  • The Ta-Tas

    The Tiddies version of a flip flop, all of the benefits of softest foam while measuring 1/2 inch.

    Admire The Ta-Tas 
  • The Iddie Biddies

    A Tiddie for the Iddie Biddies, childs version of our beloved shoe.

    Tiddies For Iddies 
  • Tiddies Merch

    Our original Tiddies Goodies, keychains, can huggers, tshirts and more

    Rep Tiddies