Caring For Your Tiddies

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Adjusting your Tiddies


Toe Piece: Work the strap through the toe piece band to tighten or loosen the fit of your strap.

Heel Strap: Slide or pull back the band then work the heel strap around to loosen or tighten. Slide the band back tight against the toe straps to hold the position of the heel strap.

Tiddies can be adjusted with needle nose pliers and tweezers. But we recommend hemostats (pictured below). If you don't have them, no worries, just dip whatever you are using in regular rubbing alcohol. This will allow the material to slide and be easier to work with.

Caring For Your Tiddies

Your Tiddies should not need a lot of maintenance, however occasionally, will need cleaning. We recommend using a mild, non abrasive cleaner. Such as a dish soap or mild body wash, with gentle scrubbing, and allowing them to air dry completely before use. You can also use a exterior/interior protecting agent on your straps like Armor-all however do avoid spraying directly on the shoe. Instead spray on a cloth and apply to straps. This will add longevity to your straps and a added shine.

Wear and Tear will occur over time, this is natural. 

Blow Outs

We are sorry to hear about your blow out, but it is a sign of a happy Tiddies wearer! Luckily, you can order replacement straps here, in a variety of sizes and colors to really add a personal touch to your Tiddies. Different types of shoes have different strap sizes so make sure you are selecting the correct ones.


Now just poke the new straps down through the holes and settle the pegs into the slots. Then adjust your straps (see above).


Adjusting and Replacing Straps on Tiddies Sandals


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